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Crypto Growth Fund

VOTED MOST POPULAR: $2500 2 Month 27% APY Growth Fund

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1 Month 20% APY2 Month 27% APY3 Month 35% APY

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Things You Should Know Before Investing in Our Growth Fund

Our growth fund may seem like just another crypto, but it can be much more. Our investors and returns are industry leading 

Why was my application denied?

Applications are denied if our fund is closed for the period or if referral code is not verified

How Is the Growth Fund Invested?

We invest in a pool of 50 alternative cryptocurrencies that we routinely change based on our proprietary algorithim that tracks 1300 coins in the market …

How do I withdraw funds?

Withdrawals are initiated at the maturity of your fund or can be initiated early for a 30% penalty fee  … 

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We are currently in BETA, and there are limited account of clients accepted per cycle.